Sound Clips and CDs

Below are some sound clips and information on Sarah’s CD releases:

Commercial Recordings

The following recordings are availble on CD. The Clarinet Classics and Cuillin Sound recordings are also avaible for download on itunes.

SCAWFELL - recital music for bass clarinet and piano. Clarinet Classics CC0056

Timeless Shades - British Music for Bass Clarinet & piano. Cuillin Sound

Cuillin Sound - Music for flute, clarinet, bassoon. Cuillin Sound

Horizons - Music for flute, clarinet, bassoon. Cuillin Sound

emBODYments - Music for bass clarinet and electroacoustics. Centaur

Sonata on Welsh Folksongs. Third Movement excerpt, by Wolfgang Gabriel

Through Timeless Shades of Green, by Stephen Davismoon

Glitshig, by Sohrab Uduman

Sonata for clarinet & bassoon, by Francis Poulenc

Screapadal, by Sarah Watts