Spectral Immersions

Spectral Immersions: A Comprehensive Guide To The Theory And Practice Of Bass Clarinet Multiphonics is published by Metropolis and can be purchased direct from their website:  Metropolis

The book is Sarah's extensive reserach into bass clarinet multiphonics and contains history, analysis, new charts and new compositions, together with audio and data CDs. A separate series of works written for the project is also published.

Sarah would like to thank the following composers for writing the following works for her using her research.:

Works for solo bass clarinet:

- Multifonix Study , Victor Baez - published by Metropolis

- Study for bass clarinet, Greg Caffrey - self published

- Airway, Gareth Churchill - published by Metropolis

- , Antony Clare - published by Metropolis

- Geometry of Air, Iain Matheson - published by Metropolis

- Soundings, George Nicholson - published by UYMP

- Shadowplay, Patrick Nunn - unpublished

- Mi Cantare, Miroslav Spasov - published by Metropolis

- Three days on the road, Sohrab Uduman - published by Metropolis

- Screapadal, Sarah Watts - published by Metropolis

- Quarter-sounds, Marc Yeats - published by Metropolis

- Vox for bass clarinet 2002/2012, Marc Yeats - published by Metropolis

Works for bass clarinet and electronics:

- Pareidolia, Patrick Nunn - unpublished

Works for bass clarinet and CD:

- Her Sisters Notebook, Lola Perrin - self published

Works for bass clarinet and piano:

- Timeless Shades of Green, Stephen Davismoon - published by Metropolis

- Darkness Visible, George Nicholson - published by UYMP

- Chelovek, William Sweeney - published by Scottish Music Information Centre

Sarah with Harry Sparnaay, July 2015

If you would like to programme Sarah to perform these works either as part of a Spectral Immersions concert or as part of another recital please email:


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Funded by a Developing Your Create Practice Award from the Arts Council England, these 24 solo pieces are all in free form/graphic score notation and designed to help practice and improve multiphonic production