Below are some of Sarah's upcoming performances and courses:

10th March 2019


Edinburgh Concert Society

27th Mar 2019

Hard Rain SoloistEnsemble

SARC, Queen's University, Belfast


29th March 2019

Hard Rain Soloist Ensemble

Bradshaw Hall, Royal Birmingham Contervatoire


30th Mar 2019

Hard Rain Soloist Ensemble


8th - 12th April 2019

Raasay Bass Clarinet Course

11th April 2019

Ten Wee Drams - world premiere

Raasay Distillery

14th Apr 2019

4th Peter Rosser Composition Award

18th Apr 2019

Hard Rain Soloist Ensemble

Harty Room, Queen's University, Belfast


8th May 2019

NoiseFloor  - Staffordshire University

Works for contrabass clarinet and electronics

7th June 2019

SCAW and Carla Rees

Keele University

10th June 2019

St. John's Waterloo, London

with Carla Rees

15th - 22nd June 2019

Pamplemouse Opera with Hard Rain Soloist Ensemble.

Northern Ireland

24 - 28th July 2019

International Clarinet Festival, Knoxville, USA

Premiere of new work, by Sungji Hong.

Recent highlights include:

4th - 8th July 2018

Clarinetfest, Oostend, Belgium

including SCAW recital for bass clarinet and contrabass clarinet and piano (World Premiere of Elizabeth Kelly's new work for contrabass clarinet and piano funded by PRSF Women Make Music Award.

25th - 28th October 2018

American Single Reed Summit

Truman State University,

30th November 2018

Unpeeled: Sarah Watts

DINA, Sheffield. 7:30

Works for bass clarinet & contrabass clarinet, by Tom Williams, Sungji Hong and Lola Perrin

15th December 2018

Hard Rain SoloistEnsmeble

Harty Room, Queen's University Belfast


17th January 2019

Masterclass at Royal Welsh College of Music, Cardiff

6 - 9pm

1st - 3rd February 2019

SABRe Bass Clarinet Conference

Works for Contrabass Clarinet and Piano, by Tom Williams, Miroslav Spasov and Sohrab Uduman